A selection of my Polaroid photography of hand-painted signs from across America
A selection of my Polaroid photography of hand-painted signs from across America

On to My Next Challenge

I’m looking to make great products with great people

Published: 30 Mar 2022

Topics: Work, Life

TL;DR: Hire me to join your team and I’ll make your digital products look and function better.

Time for a Change

As they say on the internet: 🚨 Some Personal News 🚨

After over four years of working with my friends at Faculty I am looking for my next job, my next challenge, and my next team.

There are exciting things on the horizon for Faculty and I look forward to more being announced soon. Additionally, I’ll miss creating the annual gifts we sent to our friends all over the world (and of course the tape dispenser, too).

On a more serious note, I’ve learned so much about managing digital products and leading teams during my time at Faculty and I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned in my next role.

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

I love being a bridge between design, engineering, internal stakeholders, and users. Seeing and connecting the dots between users, design teams, and engineering while leading everyone in the right direction is my sweet spot. My background and experience is multi-disciplinary and I see that as a good thing.

The word “generalist” is often thrown around with a bit of a negative vibe, but I think the exact opposite: Because of my varied background, I can see things from a different perspective than others.

I also love fonts a whole lot.

My Career Path So Far

  1. Degree in graphic design
  2. Art director & studio manager at a photography studio
  3. Designer at an advertising agency
  4. Director and producer of a documentary film
  5. Freelance graphic designer and branding consultant
  6. University professor teaching typography, design systems, and letterpress printing
  7. Product manager & consultant for a large type foundry
  8. Writer & marketing consultant for a small type foundry
  9. Product manager & art director at Faculty

More Than a Designer

Yes, I have a traditional design background, but I keep my ego in check: I’m not always the best designer on a team, and that doesn’t bother me. I love advocating for the user rather than arguing for my personal design decisions in order to make a bigger impact.

This is as braggadocios as I will get: I’m very good at recognizing quality design and championing it inside of a company to make sure the final product is good from both an aesthetic and functional point of view that meets the needs of users and stakeholders.

I love zooming in on tiny, important details and then zooming out to ask hard questions about the entire product. I used to think that all designers were able to balance the micro and macro — and I admit it isn’t easy — but I’ve spent almost 20 years honing that skill and talent.

What I’m Looking For

After speaking with a pair of smart people named Jason, I’ve narrowed in on what I’m looking for in my next role: a mid-to-senior level Product Manager or Product Design Leader position inside of a design organization or team.

What I love about being a PM with a design background is acting as the key connector between the various teams of an organization — understanding the design side, the engineering side, and the business side to create the best solution possible.

Say Hello; I’m Nice!

I love working with people that are smarter than me and bring their different perspectives to the work. I continue to champion equitable design and I am very interested in working on a diverse team that continues to push my learning and actions.

If you or someone you know is looking for a product manager with a design eye and a good understanding of business needs, please reach out via email or LinkedIn.

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