My name is Doug Wilson. I’m a writer, designer, filmmaker, & cyclist that lives in Denver, Colorado.

Doug Wilson headshot.

Projects I’m Proud of

Talks & Publications

My work has been featured in several books, magazines, and online publications. Over the years, I’ve presented at The New York Times, NASA Goddard, Condé Nast, TypeCon, Typographics, and TYPO Berlin talking about design, communication, and typography.

Work & Experience

I’m a creative director, writer, and type nerd with 20 years of experience working with large & small companies such as Starbucks, Monotype, Commercial Type, Herman Miller, Tia, Virgin Mobile, Rapha, and many others.

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Change that Font!

Originally designed by William Addison Dwiggins in 1929 and updated by Toshi Omagari in 2013.

Designed by Mike Abbink in collaboration with Bold Monday for IBM in 2018.

Designed by Nicole Dotin in 2011 & 2014 for Process Type Foundry.

Designed by Miguel Reyes in 2016 for Commercial Type.